Publications HQ Staff Contacts

ACM Office of Publications Headquarters Staff

Scott Delman
Director of Publications
[email protected]

Darshanie Jattan
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]


Sara Kate Heukerott
Associate Director of Publications, Journals
[email protected]

Stacey Schick
Senior Associate Editor
[email protected]

Yubing Zhai
[email protected]


Ralph Raiola
Executive Editor, CACM
[email protected]

Lawrence Fisher
Senior Editor/News
[email protected]

Denise Doig
Senior Editor, ACM Magazines
[email protected]

John Stanik
Senior Editor, CACM
[email protected]

Tom Lambert
Managing Editor
[email protected]

David Roman
Web Editor
[email protected]

Danbi Yu
Editorial Assistant
[email protected]

ACM Books

Sean Pidgeon
Executive Editor
[email protected]


Craig Rodkin
Publications Operations Manager
[email protected]

Bernadette Shade
Print Production Manager
[email protected]

Anna Lacson
Bibliographic Processing Coordinator
[email protected]

Rights and Permissions

Barbara Ryan
Intellectual Property & Rights Manager
[email protected]

Digital Library and Advertising Sales

Steven Rutberg
DL  & Advertising Sales Director
[email protected]

Nitra Eastby
DL Account Manager
[email protected]

Kate Kosturski
Open Access Sales Manager
[email protected]

Ilia Rodriguez
Advertising Sales Account Manager
[email protected]

Jillian Elkin
Digital Library Sales & Customer Support Corrdinator
i[email protected]


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