Diversity Data Collection at ACM

ACM is deeply committed to fostering a scientific community that both supports and benefits from the talents of community members from a wide range of backgrounds. Anyone from any background should feel encouraged to participate and contribute to ACM. Differences in age, race, gender and sexual orientation, nationality, physical ability, thinking style, and experience bring richness to our efforts in providing quality programs and services for the global computing community.

ACM has adopted new demographic questions to understand current levels of participation and to gauge our success at advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in all ACM activities. The updated set of demographic questions were developed by ACM’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council and are very similar to demographic questions recently developed, tested, and adopted by other global scholarly publishers and professional societies.

In adopting the updated questions, ACM has mandated that they be used throughout ACM for all activities, and responses will be required from all ACM authors, reviewers, conference attendees, volunteers, and members. The use of these questions will allow ACM to understand the diversity of the community it serves and will inform DEI priorities. Information gleaned from these questions will be made available in annual reports from the DEI Council to the ACM community and will be used to gauge ACM's success in advancing DEI. The anonymized data may also be used for conference resourcing and for the improvement of ACM services, policies, and processes.

The data will be reported in aggregate only for 50 people or more. For details about the storage of and access to these data, please see the ACM Privacy Policy.

If you haven’t completed ACM’s updated demographic questionnaire yet, please take a moment now to respond to them by logging in to myACM and clicking the “My Demographic Information” link.

If you haven’t completed ACM’s updated demographic questionnaire yet, please log in to myACM and click the “My Demographic Information” link.