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"Why Prof. Amruth Kumar Wants to Make Ethics ‘Unavoidable’ in Computer Science”
ITBrew, June 27, 2024
Tomorrow’s computer class will likely have a lot more conversation if new curricula recs are followed.

"Behind an Association Journal’s Open-Access Move”
AssociationsNow, March 26, 2023
The Association for Computing Machinery, following a broader trend, has made its flagship publication available for free, part of an evolving business model for research-based organizations.

"Don’t Let Facial Recognition Technology Get Ahead of Principles”
The Washington Post, March 12, 2023
Technology advances at a lightning pace; law and policy move more deliberately. But this doesn't mean they can't get in pace.

"Do We Need a National Algorithms Safety Board?”
The Hill, February 28, 2023
ACM's TechBrief on Safer Algorithmic Systems calls for human-centered social systems to provide independent oversight and safety culture strategies.

"As AI Booms, Reducing Risks of Algorithmic Systems is a Must, Says New ACM Brief”
VentureBeat, January 25, 2023
AI might be booming, but a new brief from ACM's global Technology Policy Council notes that the ubiquity of algorithmic systems “creates serious risks that are not being adequately addressed.”

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